Eminence HR, extending its horizon in the world of IT, also offers product and application development services to enable your business with robust features. Our technology products are apt for multiple platforms ensuring your reach to maximum number of clients and customers. We believe in crafting IT products artistically, that are rich in features, quick in response, and user-friendly to engross for you an all-round success.

Eminence HR provides a competitive, middle-ground solution that includes a full spectrum of software testing services for website, desktop, connected home/car, and mobile devices, and we adhere to numerous testing techniques to meet your needs and keep you informed during every step of your product launch.

Eminence HR Team has more than 20 years of experience in software testing and quality assurance services. With our vast capabilities and broad expertise, we ensure absolute quality and a high degree of reliability. We have in-house experts and proficient testers with knowledge about your industry, and we equip them with the latest tools in order to empower our testing process. Additionally, our affordable service packages help in enhancing the delivery standard and improving the efficiency of your product.

Quality assurance is more than just manual testing. Today’s systems are more complex than traditional approaches can handle. New automated test techniques have evolved allowing machines to exhaustively and automatically test themselves for errors. Compared to traditional manual testing techniques, automated testing can save over 80% of the cost and time of manual testing while producing much higher levels of uptime in the initial release of a new or replacement system.

Test verification techniques have evolved to the point where it is now possible to prove that all test scenarios have been thought of and tested ensuring no functional bugs exist in the final version. For replacement, or upgrades to existing systems, automated testing efficiently executes regression tests which demonstrate the new version of the system is no worse than the original (does not generate different output for same input).